We’re excited to announce the completion and opening of Flow Supreme Air Sports in Rockford Illinois.

Flow is one of the latest Trampoline Parks to take advantage of our patented Shock Attenuating System making it one of the safest parks you can bring your family and friends for plenty of fun!

Flow’s park has an aquatic theme to it which makes good use of the color combination of UV Rocket Red and Flow Blue on their pads which are all custom made to order with highly durable but extremely soft material.

This park was one of the fastest builds in the F.E.C. Industry which is a testament to our speed when it comes to meeting deadlines. With over 15,000 square feet of attractions, there is more than enough to keep people busy and entertained.

If you want to visit FLOW they’re located at 5505 E. State St. Rockford, Illinois 61108.

Or you can visit them at https://flowairsports.com

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