Monitoring the time consumed by every guest is one of the most important aspects of running a Family Entertainment Center. It is also a very tedious process prone to human error and invites sneaky guests to reuse or steal old-fashioned wristbands.

No matter what type of FEC you operate, your revenue comes mostly from ticket or entry fees that are usually priced based on a per-hour use of park facilities. Luckily, FEC owners can now say goodbye to the old-fashioned wristbands with Shock’s Jump Ringz time management system. With its very accurate time monitoring system, rest assured that every minute guests spend on your park facilities is billed properly. 

Thanks to the technologically advanced design of Jump Ringz, you can have a safe and profitable FEC that also provides top-notch customer experience.

What Is Jump Ringz and How Does It Work?
Jump Ringz is Shock’s ultimate solution for time and guest management for FECs. It is the next-level fun zone wristband that accurately monitors every minute consumed by every guest who visits your park. 

The main component of the Jump Ringz is a programmable puck with multi-colored and ultra-bright LED light. It allows your staff to easily recognize when a guest has fully consumed their booked playing time even from a distance.

Setting up Jump Ringz is very easy, so you can avoid having long lines at the front desk that could easily leave a bad impression on your guests. The wristband will be secured with a proprietary magnetic clasp system – that only your staff can remove – as an anti-theft measure and making sure it will not fall off the guest’s wrist while they are having fun.

With the Shock POS system or the wireless Shock Activator Gun, the Jump Ringz timer can be activated in an instant. The wristband will beam with a blue light indicating that the guest wearing it still has time to use your park facilities. Once the booked playing time is consumed, the LED puck light will turn to red alerting your staff to approach the guest so you can accommodate more park visitors.

Switch to Jump Ringz Wristbands for a Safer, Profitable, and Memorable Family Entertainment Center
The benefits of having Jump Ringz part of your FEC amenities is utterly incomparable to what outdated wristbands can offer. Switching to Shock’s time management system – that boasts modern technology and design – helps you maintain a safer and cost-efficient park.

Using Jump Ringz Leads to a Safer FEC
Safety should always be one of the top priorities for FEC operators. Aside from the proper maintenance of your facilities, the undivided attention of your staff is also highly important in making sure every guest is safe while enjoying a bonding moment with their family and friends in your park. With the old types of FEC wristbands, your park would need more personnel to keep track of every guest to make sure no one exceeds the time they booked. 

Jump Ringz eases up your staff assignments because the wristbands already do the monitoring for them. With that, more members of your staff can focus on enforcing safety measures and guarding your guests, especially the young ones, making your FEC a much safer fun zone. 

Jump Ringz is also designed to be a sanitary gadget. The material used in the wristband is a soft antimicrobial silicone that lessens the risk of skin irritation and avoids bacterial growth. 

Jump Ringz Is Cost-Efficient and Helps to Keep Your Revenue Up
The revenue of your FEC will be positively affected when you switch to Jump Ringz. Its time tracking system is programmed to monitor every guest’s playing time in one-minute increments. Staff errors are then avoided, and you do not have to worry about not being able to bill your guests the correct playing time and amount. 

An FEC with efficient time and guest management system means having smooth-sailing foot traffic. With Jump Ringz, your staff can immediately identify guests who need to step off the park facilities so you can accommodate more visitors. The more you maximize the capacity of your facility, your FEC becomes more profitable.

Obviously, you no longer have to mess with the disposable wristbands when you switch to Jump Ringz instantly reducing your inventory expenses. It is also very durable and designed to be impact and waterproof. A Jump Ringz charging rack can charge up to 300 wristbands simultaneously. Its battery is also power-efficient and can operate for more than two days on a single charge.

Jump Ringz Helps Your FEC Achieve Top-Notch Customer Service
The switch to Jump Ringz will not only benefit your FEC, but it will also provide better customer service and experience for your guests. Since setting up the wristbands is quick and easy, your guests do not have to wait in line for too long allowing them to immediately enjoy your park and for your staff to quickly attend to more visitors.

There is also much less hassle in determining the end of playing time, so your guest will leave your park only with a happy and memorable experience increasing the chance for them to keep coming back to your FEC and recommend it to their family and friends.

Jump Ringz Makes Your FEC the Cool Place to Visit
Most FEC visitors are comprised of a younger demographic, including children, teens, and young adults – they are also frequent social media users. The cool and modern design of Jump Ringz makes it worth showing off on selfies and group photos that they will then share online.

There have been many hangout places around the world that became popular because of digital word-of-mouth. Having cool features like the Jump Ringz in your FEC will very likely earn you a shoutout on your guests’ social media pages. It would be like getting free promotions and recommendations in today’s biggest media platform. So the “cool factor” that Jump Ringz offers should not be dismissed.

The FEC industry is an ever-growing market, which also means the competition will only get tougher in the years to come. Investing in up-to-date amenities like the Jump Ringz will certainly give your park a boost in all fronts and make it stand out from the sea of many FECs near you. Make the best decision for your park and call Shock for inquiries on upgrading to Jump Ringz.

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