UV Glow Trampoline Pads

Upgrade your existing trampoline park pads by adding our UV glow package to your Shock build! Our black light reactive trampoline park pads are the brightest in the industry! Combine our state-of-the-art lighting packages with UV reactive trampoline pads to create the ultimate black light dance club on trampolines! Refer to the pictures: jump boxes have UV glow pads versus trampoline pads without UV glow.

UV Glow Trampoline Mats

Upgrade your existing park with UV reactive trampoline mats with glow webbing! Our quality Permatron mat material is a consistent, smooth, high-quality fabric that increases your customer’s comfort and overall satisfaction. Combining these mats with our unique UV reactive trampoline webbing to transform your park into the ultimate black light experience!

UV Reactive Airbags

Complete your park’s UV glow package with a state-of-the-art UV reactive airbag! Our airbags are manufactured by industry-leading experts! Shock custom-designs the airbag top sheet to create a UV glow experience unlike any other. Airbags can be used for numerous park attractions such as: launch lanes, battle beams, climbing walls, slack lines, zip lines, and so much more!

Custom Glow UV Reactive 3M Graphics & Painting

At Shock, we understand that in the entertainment industry, the customer experience is everything. What can UV graphics and painting bring to our business? They deliver the WOW effect that brings customers back to your park. Unlike our competitors who used printed vinyl banners, Shock completely covers your park’s walls with 3M adhesive graphic prints or hand-paint artwork solutions! Contact Shock today to learn more about how our custom UV graphics and paint can set your park apart from the competition!