Shock Inflataparks are NOT your typical backyard inflatable! Gone are the days of multicolored castles! Whether you want a 10,000 square foot all-ages Inflatapark packed with exciting attractions, or a 1,000 square foot dedicated kiddie inflatable jump park with attractions for the younger crowd, Shock Trampoline is here to help! We design action-packed Inflataparks customized to your space and audience. Shock Inflataparks/inflatable trampoline parks may include climbing walls, battle joust stations, moon walks, obstacle and warrior courses, giant wrecking balls, dodgeball arenas, and slides of all shapes and sizes! Your guests have never felt like true royalty until they’ve sat in one of our Giant Inflatable Throne Chairs branded with your logo!

Inflataparks are quick and easy to install! An Inflatapark can be added to your space in DAYS instead of WEEKS, ensuring building and installation budgets remain low. Shock Inflataparks are fully customized to fit your space, and can be utilized in areas with lower ceiling heights than many other attractions. Contact Shock today to see how we can add an exciting inflatable trampoline/jump park to your space!

If you're just browsing, doing research, or just curious about Shock and the amazing parks we build all over the world, don't hesitate to reach out.  We want to hear all about your next project!

Innovating and patenting technologies to build safer indoor trampoline courts and F.E.C. parks to foster the well-being and fun of park attendees is what we do.

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