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Shock Trampoline Park Systems was established to fulfill the need in the industry to create a safer trampoline park. Over the past seven years, the industry has grown rapidly in North America and has recently expanded into international markets. This rapid expansion has brought to light one of the main issues a park owner can face- injuries sustained by patrons when they lose control and land on trampoline pads.

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Why SHOCK Trampoline Park Systems?

Safety First

Shock Trampoline has officially pioneered the safest trampoline park system in the world! Our patented [US 9,717,940 B1] design uses custom made German gas shock absorbers and high-density polyethylene parts provide durability and life longevity. Made in the USA, Shock Trampoline Park System’s patented design includes trampoline shock absorbing suspension mounts, a connection system with a pivoting horizontal bed rail and our German gas shock system incorporated directly into the trampoline framework.
From our patented structure design to our world-class, high-quality materials, there is no shortage of innovative technology to help you build a phenomenal park.

ASTM Standards

Shock Impact Attenuation Technology

Custom Engineering

Unlike most trampoline manufacturers in the industry, we custom design and engineer our patented trampoline park structure to be unique to your location, using no standardized pieces or dimensions in the process. The Shock Structure is designed and fabricated by hand to utilize every square foot of your building. This provides any build the ability to be customized for the ultimate safe jumping experience. We have over-engineered the Shock Structure to outlast our straight steel competitors with minimal maintenance and supervision. In addition, we are proud to offer impact attenuating technology safer than any system available on the market today. Each of our trampoline park systems is made in the USA and custom fabricated in house by our professional fabricators.

In House

In-House Engineering Team

Easy Installation

Reduce time and cost with our easy bolt-together patent pending hinge technology. Over the past few years, we have intricately created a system that allows for an expedited install process that is changing the way parks are built today. We can manufacture 10,000-20,000 SQ FT of trampoline courts in 2-3 weeks and our professional installers complete installation in less than 20 days with no need for you to hire inexperienced temporary labor. We don’t just provide a foreman, we provide the whole team necessary for your install.

Installation Team

Custom Fabrication

Shock Point Of Sale System

The one complete system that makes more money for your business.

Shock POS Software is made to manage your entire facility.  Full Restaurant capabilities, Party/Event Scheduling, Inventory Management including recipe building, Capacity management and so much more.


Custom Designed Point Of Sale

Shock Jump Ringz

The all in one guest tracking solution

Shock Jump Ringz are the latest innovation of Shock Trampoline. Track your capacity in real time and inform your customers when they need to buy more time right on their wrist. Re-chargeable and impact resistant, these wrist trackers will help you maximize efficiency and profit!


Innovative Guest Tracking

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