Trampoline Park Builder

PATENT [US 9,717,940 B1]

Russian Federation Patent No. 2690282

Shock Trampoline leads the industry in innovation and design. Shock specializes in custom-fabricated trampoline parks that include patented shock attenuating technology directly into the trampoline framework. Shock’s patented system leads the trampoline park industry in innovation and safety! Build your world-class park today!

Jump Ringz - Electronic LED Amusement Park Wristbands

Jump Ringz are Shock’s answer to wasteful wristbands. These super bright LED admission wristbands are designed to maximize park capacity, reduce liability, and increase your bottom line.

Lighting & Sound

The Shock team designs and installs custom lighting and sound systems to deliver the high-energy atmosphere you are looking for in your FEC!

Grip Socks

Shock Trampoline offers the highest quality trampoline grips socks available. No more picking left-over grip stickies off of your trampolines or floors! Let Shock design your custom sock or pick up a few cases of our Shock socks. Whatever your FEC needs, we provide a solution!

Point of Sale

Shock offers custom trampoline park operating systems tailored specifically to the FEC industry.


PATENT [US 9,717,940 B1]

Russian Federation Patent No. 2690282

Shock Trampoline is at the forefront of trampoline park safety. Our patented design reduces injuries on a scale that has never been seen before in the industry. Fabricated in the U.S.A., Shock’s patented design include shock-absorbing suspension mounts, a connection system with a pivoting horizontal bed rail, and a German gas-shock system incorporated directly into the trampoline framework. Our German-built gas shock absorbers are made with high-density polyethylene parts to ensure reliability and longevity. From our patented structure design to our world-class materials, Shock offers innovative technologies to help you build safe, cutting edge parks.


Shock was founded to create a safer trampoline park experience. By building safer parks, Shock also strives to reduce liability and help grow profits. Welcome to the evolution of trampoline park safety!