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LED Wristbands

Shock Trampoline is proud to present our latest technological marvel: the Jump Ringz Time Management System. This innovative system is the evolution of entertainment wristbands. Jump Ringz utilize ultra-bright LEDs to enhance the WOW factor of any park. Jump Ringz bands feature an embedded, programmable, multi-color LED puck designed to track purchased time accurately to maximize profit and minimize liability. They streamline operations by eliminating the expense of inventory control and Tyvek wristbands. While traditional wristbands are just another form of cash, the proprietary magnetic clasp system introduced by Jump Ringz allows only staff members to remove the bands from customers. Now wristbands or time cannot be stolen or given away. Jump Ringz free up your staff to focus on enforcing safety rules and providing higher quality customer service rather than searching for expired stickers or wristband colors.

Jump Ringz are comprised of a soft, antimicrobial silicone that reduces the risk of skin irritation and prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping the bands safe for use in all areas of a park. The Jump Ringz charging racks are capable of charging up to 300 bands simultaneously, providing almost all parks with a seemingly limitless supply of bands. The wrist bands are scanned with the Shock POS system or by a wireless Shock Activator Gun to activate bands timer. The bands illuminate with bright blue LEDS and eventually become red to signal the end of the customers time in the park. The ultra-bright LED lights can be seen throughout your park and bring an entirely new WOW factor to your park’s atmosphere.

Jump Ringz are engineered to be impact and water proof! This makes Jump Ringz the band of choice for use in water parks and any other extreme action sports center!

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Reduce Liability

In the FEC industry, traditional wristbands are just another form of cash. The Jump Ringz magnetic-clasp systems prevents anyone besides staff members from removing the bands. Now, park time cannot be stolen or transferred to another person who may not have completed your liability waiver.

Increase Safety

Jump Ringz help streamline court monitor operations through the use of ultra-bright LED lights that easily identify park-goers who have overstayed their time. This frees up staff members to enforce park rules and focus on customer satisfaction.

Maximize Capacity

Jump Ringz helps you maximize revenue by selling admission time by the minute.

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Court Monitor Fanny Packs

To streamline Jump Ringz’ operations, use our custom fanny packs! Once a court monitor retrieves and expired band, they’ll have a convenient and safe place to store them. Connect the magnetic clasp release system directly to the pack to create an all-in-one retrieval system! We also customize the bags with your branding!


Jump Ringz vs. Tyvek Wristbands and Printed Stickers

(1 year)
Tyvek Wristbands Badge Stickers – Printed Wristbands Jump Ringz
*Based off of 100,000 - 194,000 Jumpers
$10,000.00-$19,441.00 *$0.10/per band $19,000.00-$36,860.00 *$0.19/per badge - band $10,800.00-$21,000.00 *150/300 Bands
Theft $1,000.00-$10,000.00 $1,000.00-$3,000.00 $540.00 *36 Lost Bands
Inventory Labor $1,260.00 *84 Labor Hours $750.00 *50 Labor Hours $0.00
Capability to maximize capacity Time Intervals: 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour Time Intervals: 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour Time Intervals: Per Minute
Liability Customers can cut bands to re-use or transfer to another person without a liability waiver. Wristbands are considered a value of cash which increases theft. Customers can cut bands/remove stickers to re-use or transfer to another person without a liability waiver. Wristbands/Stickers are considered a value of cash which increases theft. Jump Ringz Magnetic clasp system requires your staff to remove the bands. This eliminates re-using or transferring the band to another person without a liability waiver. Jump Ring must be activated by your staff to enter trampoline courts.
Customer Service Employees often make these mistakes which impacts your customer service. 1) Using the wrong wristband color and your customers jump time ends early. 2) Attaching the wristband wrong and the band falls off. 3) Running out of band colors causes operational issues. Wristband and Sticker printers often have technical issues. Technical issues cause delay in customer check-in speed. Stickers are removed and placed throughout the park on the walls, furniture and other areas. Power outages can cause operational issues. Increases the WOW factor and eliminates employee errors. Power outages will not cause any operational issues. Jump Ringz operate 2+ days without requiring a recharge.
Total Cost (1 year) $12,740.00 - $31,181.00 $21,230.00 -$41,090.00 $11,340.00 - $22,140.00