Shock EOS

Custom Engineering

Unlike most trampoline park manufactures in the industry, Shock Trampoline creates a unique, custom engineered structure per the customer’s needs and space. Each park system is made in the USA and fabricated by professional American steel fabricators. Unlike our competitors, Shock does not use standardized pieces or dimensions. Shock structures are designed and fabricated by hand to utilize every square foot of a customer’s building. Our custom builds maximize park space while still providing the safest jumping experience in the industry. Shock over-engineers trampoline structures to outlast all competitors with minimal maintenance and supervision. In addition to our custom structures, all shock structures include our patented impact attenuation technology.

Easy Installation

In addition to providing industry-leading safety features, Shock structures are easy to install. Shock structures require less time and cost to install because we utilize easy, bolt-together hinge technology (U.S. Patent Pending). Over the past few years, Shock has crafted a system that allows us to manufacture 10,000 – 20,000 sq. ft. of trampoline courts in 2-3 weeks. Our professional installers then install the system in less than 20 days without the added expense of inexperienced temporary labor. We don’t simply send a foreman, we send an entire team to complete your installation.

Patented Design For Safety

Shock Trampoline is at the forefront of trampoline park safety. Our patented design reduces injuries on a scale not seen before in the industry. Fabricated in the U.S.A., Shock’s patented design include shock-absorbing suspension mounts, a connection system with a pivoting horizontal bed rail, and a German gas-shock system incorporated directly into the trampoline framework. Our German-built gas shock absorbers are made with high-density polyethylene parts to ensure reliability and longevity. From our patented structure design to our world-class materials, Shock offers innovative technologies to help you build safe, cutting edge parks.

Shock UV Glow Parks

A Innovative product with a unique twist!

Maximize revenue by adding Shock’s state-of-the-art UV reactive glow paint packages! Shock offers custom lighting packages, custom light trusses, massive disco balls, and UV reactive vinyl and trampoline webbing. Combine these unique elements to transform your park into a dance club unlike any other! We also offer UV glow upgrade packages for existing parks. Check out our UV glow products here .

Freestyle Courts

A Shock freestyle court is sure to be the main stage attraction of your park. With unlimited interconnected trampolines, tumble tracks, spines, jump boxes, and banked flip walls, your customers are bound to enjoy the freedom to jump around this oversized playground!

High Performance Trampolines

Shock’s high-performance trampoline courts allow for increased bounce and height for park-goers pursuing an advanced performance experience. From acrobats and gymnasts to thrill-seeking extreme sport enthusiasts, the high-performance trampolines offer an adrenaline rush for all!

Dodgeball Courts

The art of outmaneuvering and dodge your opponents projectiles takes on a whole new meaning when played on Shock trampolines. Our dodgeball courts are great attractions for parties, groups, and people from all ages and skill levels. All Shock dodgeball courts are custom-built with our patented shock attenuating technology and made to specifically fit your building’s layout. Step up your game with Shock Trampoline dodgeball courts!

Slack Lines

Customers find their inner zen on a Shock freestyle slack line! A test of balance and patience, our slack line courts are custom built over foam pits or air bags. Add UV glow reactive accents to make your slack line court stand out!


Battle beams make for a terrific addition to your park. Shock custom builds a balance beam over pit of foam or an airbag for your customers to battle with foam jousts! Add UV glow reactive accents to make your battle beams stand out!

Air Bag Courts & Spring Floors

Shock’s foam pits and air bags offer customers the ability to learn new skills and improve on their other moves with peace-of-mind. It’s the best place in the park to improve before taking to the high-performance courts! Careful placement can reduce payroll, expedite injury responses, and streamline your operations! With that in mind, we place your air bag and foam pits to perfectly fit your building. Shock refuses to accept cookie-cutter designs like our competitors!

Shock trampoline Launch Lanes incorporate our patented shock attenuating technology to provide the safest landing experience possible. Our launch lane framework will absorb jumpers falling short of the impact zone and our gas shock’s will slow them down to ensure a safe landing. Let Shock ensure your park employs the safest and most technologically advanced launch lane system!

Sample Attractions

  • Basketball Dunk Courts
  • Main Courts
  • Kiddie Dunk Courts
  • Battle Beams
  • Foam Pits
  • Freestyle Courts
  • Climbing Walls
  • Olympic Trampolines
  • Slacklines
  • Dodgeball Courts
  • Super Trampolines
  • Launch Lanes
  • Custom Court Features
  • Airbags
  • Inflatable Courses
  • and more...