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Why Choose Shock

Building great products in the trampoline park industry is a difficult skill. Many of our competitors believe they offer superior products, simply because they are their own custom products. But great products are scarce because, there is no formal training to become a great trampoline park designer. The best trampoline designers, however, have developed their skills through trial and error, have years of experience, are passionate about design, are obsessed with the user experience, and strive to stay current with the latest safety standards and manufacturing standards. Unlike formal fields where designers often thrive, like engineering or architecture, anyone can offer their own opinion on the design or functionality of a trampoline park because there is no formal training in the industry. As a result, often times, the wrong people are made responsible for building and designing trampoline products.

There is no hard or fast rules to building a great trampoline park product. However, there are principles that must be followed, questions that must be asked, and tools that must be used.

The following list represents some of the most important principles and concepts that we use each time we design and build a new product. Shock has used this list throughout our long journey of building an industry leading product.


We do not waste time on the details of product features, on the intricacies of technology that we will utilize, or fixing small issues before we are certain that what we are building is exactly what the trampoline park industry needs. Our main priority was to solve the industry’s greatest problem, injuries sustained from customers landing on trampoline pads overlay steel frames. We also set out to solve issues relating to design deficiencies and park maintenance. With over a decade of experience operating trampoline parks, we have witnessed every possible maintenance issue! From trampoline structure bed rails breaking, welds cracking, to anchors popping. The countless hours we have spent maintaining trampoline park structures, pads, and dealing with common injuries relating to landing on trampoline pads increased our liability. Based on our past experiences, we created a trampoline structure that is easy to maintain for the operators. We over-engineered the structure to provide a worry-free owner and operator experience. We integrated our patented state-of-the-art German shock attenuating system and hinge connection system directly into the trampoline framework to reduce injuries. With our system, operators are able to focus on running their business while simultaneously providing the ultimate safe jumping experience.


How are Shock Trampoline Parks different from what already exists in the market? What are the alternatives? With over a decade of experience operating trampoline parks, we have used the same traditional straight steel structure design that our competitors still use today. The straight steel design first became popular in 1959. However, these structures tended to have a high accident rate and quickly fell out of favor. Based on our experience with straight steel structures, we combined our knowledge and experience into the Shock design to create our unique patented system to solve the industry’s greatest problem. The only alternative design that is currently offered by our competitors in 2020 is a straight steel design that was used in 1959. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE! SHOCK PARK TRAMPOLINE PARKS PROVIDE THE ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE EDGE!


Our goal was to not only build and design an innovative park structure, but also to ensure we build a viable product that is safe enough for us to use for our own customers. All of our Shock structures and products have been tested in real trampoline park and family entertainment centers. The Shock design proved to work in high traffic parks and has exceeded our own expectations. After testing the design in many trampoline parks, we knew it was time to offer this product to other park operators.


Our competitors ignore the fact that designing a park should always begin from an operator’s point-of-view. The origin of the problem is that most manufacturers have no actual operational experience with trampoline parks. We believe the “Operator Design Assessment” is one of the most important duties a park designer has. We also understand that our operators are paying a premium price for their lease and every square inch matters to maximize ROI. Unlike our cookie-cutter competitors, we custom fabricate each trampoline court to maximize every inch of your building space. As operators, we are well aware of the negative impact that dead space can have on your overhead and bottom line.

The hardest question to answer is usually the first, which surprises many people because it sounds like the easiest. However, if you ask every trampoline park manufacturer what problem their product is intended to solve, you will usually hear a rambling list of features and capabilities, rather than a crisp, clear, and compelling statement of exactly the problem that their product intends to solve. When you ask the right questions, it is clear to see why Shock Trampoline Park Systems is different from our competition.

If you're just browsing, doing research, or just curious about Shock and the amazing parks we build all over the world, don't hesitate to reach out.  We want to hear all about your next project!

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Innovating and patenting technologies to build safer trampoline and F.E.C. parks to foster the well-being and fun of park attendees is what we do.