Why Choose Shock:

Building great products in the trampoline park industry requires expertise, experience, and a passion for design. At Shock, we understand the importance of having the best designers in the field. While many of our competitors claim to offer superior products simply because they are custom-made, we know that true greatness requires more than simple customization.

The best trampoline park designers have honed their skills through trial and error from years spent in the industry. Shock’s industry experience drives our commitment to designing with a user-centered approach. We also strive to stay at the forefront of the latest safety and manufacturing standards, ensuring that each design meets the most rigorous standards.

Unlike formal fields like engineering or architecture, there is no formal training for trampoline park design. This can often result in the wrong people being responsible for building and designing trampoline products. At Shock, however, we have assembled a team of industry experts who have successfully developed revolutionary products by following a set of guiding principles and using the best tools and processes possible.

Our industry-leading product development methods have allowed us to create the most innovative and superior trampoline park designs and products on the market. Using this methodology, we ensure that each product is built to the highest standards, ensuring the user experience, safety, and quality is always the top priority.

Trust Shock’s innovative approach and unparalleled expertise to build the best trampoline park design and products in the industry.

Innovating and patenting technologies to build safer indoor trampoline courts and F.E.C. parks to foster the well-being and fun of park attendees is what we do.

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