Unsurpassed innovation. Unrelenting safety. Unbelievable technology. Unapologetic domination.


Mini-karting is new to the industry and is a virtually untapped market.

It’s not enough to be the first to market. It’s about setting yourself up to be the best and the biggest in the category. Since 2014, we’ve blazed the trail for the global smart go-kart for kids setting standards that have copied but never duplicated.

  • The first-ever low-cost, turn-key mini-karting solution for kids.
  • The only high-tech smart go-kart in the world today.
  • The only complete FEC solution in the world with a smart-kart.
  • Our revolutionary technology has unsurpassed safety features with collision avoidance and emergency stop.
  • Protected territories.
  • For areas of 2,500 sf and up.
  • Our indoor electric go-karts are a great solution for increasing revenues.

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Innovating and patenting technologies to build safer indoor trampoline courts and F.E.C. parks to foster the well-being and fun of park attendees is what we do.

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