The Ultimate Alternative for Low Impact Foam Pits!

In terms of health, hygiene, durability and budget, the Shock Foam Pit Cover (Patent Pending) is the only alternative for low impact foam pits. We understand your cash flow is tight and replacing your foam pits with airbags may not be a solution for you right now. We designed the ultimate anti-viral and anti-bacterial cover with a future airbag upgrade feature at a reduced airbag cost. Cover your pit today without breaking the bank and upgrade to an airbag when the time is right for you.

Hygienic, Simple and DIY Easy - Shock designs and manufactures products specifically tailored to the industry and operator's needs.


CUSTOM BUILT FOR YOUR PARK: Built perfectly to fit your pit dimensions with your custom branding.

HEALTH & HYGIENE: Now your customers can enjoy a safer hygienic experience without the concerns of jumping into dirty foam pits. This eliminates the risk of your customers having a bad experience jumping into sweaty foam cubes, hair clumps, old socks and other unhygienic situations.

ANTI-VIRAL & ANTI-BACTERIAL: All our foam pit covers (Patent Pending) are treated with an anti-bacterial and anti-viral additive are integrated into the polymers during the manufacturing process. According to the information the additive manufacturer provides, it is ‘effective against coronavirus and protects synthetic textiles. Treating PES textiles with this additive can reduce viral load by up to 99%!

DIY INSTALL DESIGN: Our covers were designed for park operators to install with our detailed install guide. This eliminates the unnecessary third party install expense.

PROPRIETARY REFLEX APRON DESIGN: The aprons that connect to the pit side walls are designed to expand and contract. This design reduces the tension of the cover sheet for longer life longevity. The Reflex Apron design also reduces the cover from bunching up and allows a deeper impact landing zone.

AIRFLOW DESIGN: Our proprietary apron design allows the foam pits to breathe. This prevents mold and bacteria build up by allowing air to escape the cover upon each jumper’s impact. Upon impact, the cover will remain flat and will not lift up from trapped air flow. This makes it easier to spot worm hole spots of the foam that may need to be fluffed for safety.

CUSTOM GRAPHIC UV & NON-UV TOP SHEETS: Our anti-viral graphic sheets can be customized to your branding! All graphic sheets are washable or dry cleaned when necessary. Simply detach the graphic top sheet from the main cover sheet. NEON UV GLOW options are available.

FUTURE AIRBAG UPGRADE DESIGN: To make our covers effective and most importantly budget friendly. We designed our covers to integrate with an airbag in the future! When the time is right, simply upgrade to an airbag at a reduced cost!

EASY FOAM FLUFF ACCESS: We understand safety is the number 1 priority! All Shock Foam Pit Covers (Patent Pending) include industrial zipper access on all four sides of the cover. This allows for easy access for your staff to fluff the foam frequently. Simply unzip a few sides and peel back the cover for quick fluff of the pit!

DURABILITY & QUALITY: All Shock Foam Pit Covers (Patent Pending) are produced with the highest end manufacturing techniques such as digital cutting machines, semi-automated stitching and CAD designed planning. Our production is based in Europe and is streamlined for manufacturing with a high emphasis on post production quality inspections to ensure each foam pit cover (Patent Pending) is delivered perfectly. No off-the-shelve materials are used on our products. We made sure that the materials are custom tailored to withstand the short and long term stress of their individual use.

NO DUST FEATURE: The traditional foam pits create a big amount of dust or foam particles during use. The Shock Foam Pit Cover (Patent Pending) eliminates the dust and foam particles from getting airborne and getting into your customer’s eyes and face.

REDUCED PAYROLL EXPENSE: Reduce foam pit cleans with the Shock Foam Pit Cover (Patent Pending) . Now your foam clean requirements are reduced due to no contact from guests directly on the foam surfaces. This allows you to cut down on your monthly foam pit cleans and helps reduce your payroll expense.

NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: As operators, we understand when a customer loses their phone or piece of nice jewelry in a foam pit attraction can cause a problem. This situation usually involves staff digging through the foam to find the object. This is not a quick process but it’s an important item and the customer will not leave until they get it back. Like searching for a needle in a haystack! Our foam pit cover (Patent Pending) design eliminates any object to fall underneath the cover and reduces downtime.


Innovating and patenting technologies to build safer trampoline and F.E.C. parks to foster the well-being and fun of park attendees is what we do.