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Total Point of Sale System

The point of Sale is the heart and brain that links together your FECs profit centers. It is the central hub that enables you to cross promote other profit centers and increase the average ticket size. It lets your cashless system add and subtract value from a debit card. It tells your party scheduler which times are available, and when you've reached the capacity limit. It can even send food orders to your restaurant or snack bar. All Financial transactions are done within the Shock Suite and can be easily exported to your accounting and payroll software. Because the POS is where most of your transactions take place, it also aggregates and manages your data so it can be organized and analyzed to give you more robust insight into the business and how better to manage it for maximum profitability.

Shock POS Software offers a tremendous amount of features. From a robust POS software suite that can handle the most simple transaction to a fully featured F&B with table reservation, Cashless Arcade, Redemption Center, Event Management Center, Inventory Management, Recipe Building, Capacity Management, Loyalty Programs, Marketing & Re-marketing tools, Financial Exports and so much more.

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Snack bar

Crowd Control

Total Efficency

Any park owner will tell you that efficient and timely guest check in is the key to happy customers. The Shock Point of Sale system will make check-in a smooth and hassle-free process. From separate waiver kiosks to lightning fast counter check in. Your customers will be checked in and ready to have fun in minutes.

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Food Service management

Total Restaurant

From Snack bars to table-service dining. There is no need to rely on a separate POS for your food and beverage services. The Shock System is uniquely capable of handling it all. Because it's all native, a restaurant server can also add value to a customer's cashless card, schedule a party or access any other profit center with a single touch.

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Party Booking and Management

Total Party

Because there is simply no better place to celebrate important milestones than an entertainment center, party hosting is a key growth area for modern FECs. The Shock system quickly and easily allows for scheduling and assignment of resources.


On-Line Booking

Totally Easy!

Your customers aren't always ready to do business with you when your facility is open, Shock created On-Line booking as a way for FECs with party and event centers to remain available to your customers 24/7. This powerful tool gives you the chance to increase bookings, and incrementally increase sales by allowing you to create themed packages or offer add-ons like swag and party bags.


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