Trampoline Park Operations

The Shock Point-of-Sale system is tailored specifically for the needs of the trampoline park industry! Our POS was developed by seasoned park owners for park owners. With an intimate understanding of what it takes to run an efficient park, the Shock team works overtime to ensure the system meets the requirements of a demanding park.


Increase Revenue

Shock has developed an innovative approach to design flow. Our system will streamline your operations and maximizing check-in speeds.


Event Management

The Shock POS system provides an easy-to-use, built-in calendar to manage custom party packages. Your customers can book parties online 24/7, pay their deposit, or make deposits in-store. It’s their party, make it their custom experience!


Capacity Management

Shock optimizes your operations and bottom line with our capacity management system. The system increases your bottom line by tracking and maximizing capacity per hour.


Waiver Management

Shock offers a simple digital waiver interface that allows customers to quickly and easily complete waivers online. This increases efficiency during the check-in process and streamlines your operations.


Inventory Management

Shock POS offers comprehensive inventory tracking to ensure accurate merchandise counts. Shock also offers recipe building software to ensure correct food counts.

Optimal Flow and Features

While other POS companies require their customers to design their own flow and button pages, Shock’s innovative approach creates a streamlined operation to optimize check-in speed. The Shock POS can also integrate optical card-scanning technology with a double-sided barcode readers to keep customers playing arcade games with the hassle of token machines.


The Shock POS simple digital waiver interface allows your customers to complete waivers online or in-store! Our system is integrated seamlessly with your online presence to sell tickets 24/7 and redeem tickets by scanning unique ticket QR codes for mobile devices. It also permits you to load jump tickets and add gift card values to branded fun cards. The Shock system is an all-in-one system designed to enhance the customer experience by streamlining your entrance options!


Designed by active park operators, the Shock is able to innovate in ways that no other POS company in the industry can. All new features developed by Shock are fully tested in a park prior to their release! Shock will continue to innovate and explore the POS space to provide the best POS product on the market!

Total Party

The Shock POS allows customers to manage custom party packages with our easy-to-use, built-in calendar. The system makes scheduling easy and intuitive for you and your customer, with seamless online booking and capacity tracking. The system manages and tracks availability, so there is no risk of double-booking your party tables and rooms. Customers can even pre-order food and party favors during the booking process! This cuts down on payroll, staffing, and reduces the risk of human error causing double-booked events!


Streamline your full operation and maximize your park capacity and profits with our state-of-the-art Jump Ringz* system.

*Patent pending