Dual interactive speed and reaction walls that make bouncing way faster.
Dual interactive speed and reaction cardio walls that make bouncing way faster and more fun! Very space efficient and branded with your adventure park’s logo and colours, the CardioWalls look superb and test your guests’ speed, accuracy, visual awareness and hand-eye coordination. Get your monitors to encourage competition between friends and why not set up a leaderboard challenge to share on social media?



A 9 light vertical speed and reaction game that seriously challenges players’ bounce control and hand eye coordination. Best installed as a ‘duo’ for 1 on 1 battles, with a variety of colour options to suit any trampoline park’s colour scheme. This 2-player trampoline game features 1-minute rounds, where the scoreboard automatically tracks the scores and announces the winner. A single High 9 is made up of 3 multifaceted mouldings.

Two children bouncing on trampolines attempting to press various buttons.
Two children bouncing on trampolines attempting to press buttons to achieve a new high score.


A versatile test of agility and reaction that brings a genuine ‘WOW’ factor to a trampoline park. SkyPods can be installed in any configuration of 5, 7 or 9 pods and as a competing pair. Use of creative backing graphics will make them a compelling, eye catching feature. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Two park goers bounce on trampolines.
A wall with various buttons to press above a trampoline.


An interactive target game that will transform your dodgeball court into an all action arena!

Teams work together to hit out their opponent’s light up targets, whilst defending their own. DodgeAttack will save on staff courts, no court monitors are required and it’s more inclusive and fun for even the youngest of players. Two teams, two minutes, nobody goes out, and tons of points to be scored, makes this a must-have attraction for groups and parties.

Park goers play a game of dodgeball on trampolines.


Interactive 8-target game system that can transform any Walk-the-Wall feature into an eye-catching and addictive challenge. Score points by clearing the lights with your feet as you bounce up and along the wall. Three game programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

A child sits above a wall with trampolines below him.
A man attempting a wall flip above a trampoline.


Exciting Rugged Interactive target system for multi-sport pitches. Perfect for soccer, handball trampoline games, and penalty shootouts. Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players. Teams work together to hit opponent’s targets and defend their own. Team with the most hits wins.

A child attempts to stop a ball from hitting one of its targets.
Children playing soccer on a padded surface with targets on the far wall.


A 1v1 all-action, high-tech, high-tempo target game. Score points for every goal scored as you aim to top the leaderboard. Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players. AeroStrike brings cage ball or shooting galleries to life.



A interactive climbing wall in two format options – wall-mounted, or free-standing in a hexagon. Unique easy-to-hold hand grips, interactive light-up grips, sounds, game timer and scoreboard. Players can choose from two game options, scoring points as they climb up and along the wall.

TrailBlazer Traverse – A wall-mounted traversing wall with either six or eight 1100mm-wide sections. Highly space-efficient, e.g. along a wall or end of a dodgeball court. Up to 8 players.

TrailBlazer Hex – A 6-sided free-standing interactive climbing wall, which makes a visually stunning centrepiece installed over crash matting or a foam pit. Can be used by up to 6 children at one time. Fully assembled details: 2180 x 1890 x 2180mm

Two children climbing a Rugged Interactive climbing wall.
Two children climbing a Rugged Interactive climbing wall with various buttons to press.


The shareable boomerang video system that visitors use to market your park on social media. Users scan their QR code, record a flip-clip and then share! Only the last 8 recorded clips remain on the big screen, encouraging visitors to record multiple videos so they stay on the screen. SelfieCam videos can be shared with park-branded overlays, letting your customers market for you.

Image of Rugged interactives selfie cam attraction.

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