Freestyle Courts

This is your park’s main attraction! Without unlimited interconnected trampolines, tumble tracks, spines, jump boxes, and banked flip walls, your customers will enjoy the freedom to jump around in this oversized playground! Unlike our competitors, who standardize trampoline mat sized into repeating square trampolines, Shock custom designs your court to maximize the available space in your facility. All mat and court sizes are custom fabricated specifically to your building. Rest assured, all Shock trampoline courts include our patented shock attenuating technology to provide the ultimate safe jumping system. Overwhelmed by all of our design option? No problem. Let Shock take the driver’s seat and design your park for you!

Trampoline Dodgeball Courts

An old playground classic, combined with Shock trampolines! The art is using your trampoline skills to dodge projectiles and outmaneuver your opponent! Our trampoline dodgeball courts are a great attraction for parties, groups, and people of all ages and skill levels. Add UV lights to the court to create a unique, black-light dodgeball court for your park. As with all of our products, our trampoline courts and mats are custom designed and fabricated to fit your space.


With over a decade of research and development, Shock’s slam dunk courts are the best in the industry. These custom hoops are fabricated to withstand hardcore dunks. Combined with our shock attenuating trampoline system, our dunk hoops are the safest in the industry. All hoops are built with full-size, commercial acrylic backboards (and padding) with NBA breakaway, heavy-duty rims. Our hoops are positioned perfectly for hoopers to launch from the sweet spot on the trampoline to allow for the best air-time to craft the perfect dunk! As with all Shock products, the Shock dunk hoop courts can be customized to fit your building and suited for each specific court (toddler, standard, amateur, and expert). Our hoops also include a UV reactive option to make your courts WOW under blacklights.


Shock’s high-performance trampoline courts enable greater bounce and height for those jumpers pursuing advanced performance! Athletes from a wide variety of disciplines such as gymnastics, snowboarding, wake boarding, skate boarding, skiing, and parkour love flying high on our high-performance trampolines. Our performance courts can help your customers perfect their skills in a constant environment. These trampolines are perfect for the action sports market. High-performance trampolines can be installed for wall-running courts, individual Olympic, or super quad courts, or a multiple arrays of performance trampolines.

Performance Trampoline Options:

  • 14x14 Super Quad Trampoline
    1. The Super-Quad trampoline is geared specifically for the action sports athlete. This 14’x14’ square bed provides enough surface area for jumpers to perform complex, off-axis spins and flips without fear of falling or bouncing off of the side of the trampoline.
    2. Trampoline Mat: the Super-Quad mat is composed of special 2x2 string ¼” weaves to allow for greater airflow through the entire bed, providing it with the speed and snap necessary to help you soar! Custom color options are also available upon request.
    3. Springs: the Super-Quad utilizes 130 springs made from durable, proprietary material designed for consistently high bounces that last for years. The corner springs are designed to stabilize the jumper and force them to the middle whenever they jump to close to the corners.
    4. Pads: the Super-Quad pads are made of 9” medium-density polyurethane foam. These pads are designed to provide the safest crash landing possible for athletes performing high-level skills. Custom color options are available upon request.
  • Olympic Competition Trampoline
    1. Shock’s Olympic Competition Trampolines are designed for avid gymnasts, trampolinists, and acrobats. The Olympic trampoline provides 98 square feet of surface area for flips, twists, somersaults, and rotations.
    2. Trampoline Mat: the Olympic mat is composed of special 2x2 string ¼” weaves to allow for greater airflow through the entire bed, providing it with the speed and snap necessary to help you soar! Custom color options are also available upon request.
    3. Springs: Shock’s Olympic trampolines utilize 120 springs made from a durable, proprietary material designed to last for years and provide consistently high bounces.
    4. Pads: the Olympics’ pads are made of a 1” polyethylene base and 6” of polyurethane medium-density foam. These pads are safe and effective and, like all Shock products, come in multiple color options.


Battle beams make for a terrific addition to your park. Shock custom builds a balance beam over pit of foam or an airbag for your customers to battle with foam jousts! Add UV glow reactive accents to make your battle beams stand out!

Slack Lines

Customers find their inner zen on a Shock freestyle slack line! A test of balance and patience, our slack line courts are custom built over foam pits or air bags. Add UV glow reactive accents to make your slack line court stand out!

Foam Pits and Air Bags

Shock’s foam pits and air bags offer customers the ability to learn new skills and improve on their other moves with peace-of-mind. It’s the best place in the park to improve before taking to the high-performance courts! Careful placement can reduce payroll, expedite injury responses, and streamline your operations! With that in mind, we place your air bag and foam pits to perfectly fit your building. Shock refuses to accept cookie-cutter designs like our competitors!

Air Bags are a fantastic pit alternative that offer greater benefits for health, hygiene, safety, jump frequency, and durability. Shock custom designs your park to include energy-efficient blowers. Our Air Bags also include custom branding and design capabilities! All Air Bags are certified for quality and safety, while also providing extra-soft landings and superior functionality to a standard foam pit. Air Bags also allow for gradual impact absorption rather than the sudden impact absorption utilized with foam. Finally, Air Bags help your bottom line because there is no need to perform monthly foam cleanup or replacement!

Shock trampoline Launch Lanes incorporate our patented shock attenuating technology to provide the safest landing experience possible. Our launch lane framework will absorb jumpers falling short of the impact zone and our gas shock’s will slow them down to ensure a safe landing. Let Shock ensure your park employs the safest and most technologically advanced launch lane system!

Toddler Courts

Let little ones get in on the fun! Customers love Toddler courts because it promotes a fun way for little ones to expend energy without worrying about big kids in their way! Shock takes a freestyle court design and scales it to fit toddlers! We even add their own foam pits and kiddie-size dunk hoops! As with all Shock products, all of our toddler courts are custom designed to maximize space in your building!


Shock’s massive aerial silks and lyra hoops are perfect for climbing, spinning, and swinging with a safe and fun landing! Unlike our competitors, our aerial silks are fastened directly to the ceiling to allow high-skill customers to practice routines with extended-length fabric! Add UV glow reactive accents to make your aerial silks and lyra hoops stand out!


“Air Tracks,” or “Spring Floors” are not a substitute for trampolines. Air Tracks offer a broad range of new possibilities to your park, as they are bouncy enough for jumping and soft enough for landing! You can add a bubble soccer court, Air Track parkour, tumbling lanes, or combined with a trick log, act as a perfect way to launch into a foam pit or airbag! Air Tracks are also perfect for any athlete looking to improve their tumbling skills. With little to no maintenance expense, customized Air Tracks have become a popular attraction in the industry. Custom branding is available for Air Tracks, but Spring Floors are not yet customizable.

Tumbling Tracks

Bring the classic gymnast trampoline to your park! 30 to 60 feet of continuous trampoline track is perfect for any flip, jump, and tumble combination imaginable. Let your customers show off their skills in front of a crowd! All dual-lane tumble tracks have our built-in shock attenuating system from the ultimate safe tumbling experience!


Transform your customers into thrill-seeking cliff hangers! We offer custom traverse/clip-in climbing walls to bouldering walls! All Shock climbing walls are custom-built and designed with your colors and branding to fit your space!

Indoor Zip Lines

Shock’s platform zip lines are engineered to be safe and operator friendly. Adventure-seekers of all ages will love our indoor zip lines! Our zip line is designed to minimize space usage and maximize fun! The zip line is easy to use and safe for younger employees to operate safely. Contact Shock today for more information!